The Urban History of the North – A Research Network

Welcome to the the webpage of the network Urban History of the North! The network is a node for researchers, particularly in the Nordic Countries, that are interested in the field of urban history.

The urban history of the North refers to a specific region within the field of European urban history. In this region, urban settlements are smaller and more state-controlled than in other parts of Europe. Urbanisation processes started later and accellerated mostly during industrialisation and the implementation of welfare societies. This region encompasses urban settlements in the Nordic countries with Scotland and Ireland as well as the Baltic states.

This urban region lies outside of the main focus of research on European urban cultures (the so-called blue banana). That has repercussions for the state of research. In order to strengthen research on urban history of the North as well as to integrate the region into the European urban history more properly, the network aims at facilitating and encouraging common conferences, publications and research projects. Invited are researchers from all disciplines interested in the urban history of the North.

Individual membership is free of charge and allows all members to use the network for the discussion and dissemination of aspects concerning the urban history of the North, if the subject can be assumed to be of general interest. Standard rules of proper conduct on the internet apply. Please be kind and stick to the topic.

The network will be coordinated by Heiko Droste, Stockholm, He is responsible for processing information and membership issues. He will also moderate the network with the possibility to exclude postings of an inappropriate character. This work would greatly benefit from the engagement of other colleagues.

The network is strictly informal, has no budget and no juridical obligations.